Another Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid in East Autos Premises.

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Porsche Panamera 4 – White One This Time.

Come on, is the hybrid as good to drive as a ‘normal’ Panamera?

In a word, yes. All the best bits of the standard car have been maintained, despite being packed with so much planet-saving tech. The handling and ride are as sublime as ever, and here is a car with incisive handling, pliant damping, and all the communication through the wheel and pedals you could ask for.

And given this is effectively a two-tonne supercomputer on wheels, that’s as much as you could ever hope for. Porsche’s 4D Active system incorporates very clever traction management, which spoon-feeds all four wheels with just the right amount of torque to quell any trace of understeer or oversteer. It’s less dull than it sounds, distilling any corner into a place where you can play, while marvelling at what it can do at insane speeds.

Before you get too carried away, it’s not perfect. The hybrid system clonks and whines in traffic, and the braking system is noisy in town. You’ll never be allowed to forget just how big this car is. It feels – and is – wide, and at five metres long, it’ll take up a lot of road if you’re really cracking on.

But on the motorway, the Pan-am’s natural stamping ground, it’s comfortable, settled, and absolutely magnificent. As for B-roads – yes, it’s fun, but give yourself space, and learn to turn it in smoothly, and shift its enormous bulk around with finesse.


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